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TR3 Energy Inc. can offer our clients a wide array of services

Remediation of

  • Ammonium Impacted Soils
  • Light End PHC within EUB Dir. 58 using Volatization, Recovery and Treatment
  • All Hydrocarbon and Byproduct Contaminations
  • Past and Present Spills, Leakage and Clean up
  • Extensive Water Treatment Systems

Restoration and Minimal Disturbance Repair of

  • Riparian Zone
  • Upstream and Downstream sites
  • Prairie, Forest and Mountain Environments
  • Pipeline Abandonements and Right of Ways
  • Plant, Satellite, and Well Site Decommissioning
  • Custom Seeding and Intensive Landscaping

Our Exclusive Modified Trommel© Soil Remediation Process

  • Huge Reductions in Landfill Classed Material
  • Reductions in Transportation and Handling Costs
  • Safe, Efficient, Cost Effective, and Quickly Moveable
  • Successful Operation Year Round
  • Treats New or Existing Material
  • Equally Suited to all Regular Trommeling Jobs

Water Treatment Systems

REMU Screening Technology

Check out our Available Equipment list

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 The first remediated dirt out of our modified trommel system
 See More of Our Modified Trommel Process in Action
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