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Part Two

In backfilling REMU Screening Buckets prevent damage to piplines and cabling, by screening out large objects from the fill material. Common backfilling techniques have led to costly repairs, and reduced lifetimes of pipeline and cabling instalation. This technology can backfill onto sensitive installations, quickly and without the possiblity of damage from the backfill process itself.

The REMU Screener performs safe backfilling over sensitive installations

In the reclamation industry, reducing the volume of landfilled material, saves expense and the environment. With the help of REMU Screening Technology, reclamation and recycling can continue to minimize the amount of material we have to dispose of. Demolition material can be screened on site, allowing full use of available storage/transport containers, and removing material of value. Large pieces of metal, wood, stones, tiles and other recyclables can be seperated from the fine undesirable debris.

The REMU Screener can be used for demolition and waste handling

Waste Handling
  • Impacted and Contaminated Soils
  • Composting
  • Demolition Waste
  • Trash Recycling
  • Screening Shredded Tires
  • Street Sweepings
  • Landfills
  • Animal Waste

  • Pipeline Industry
  • Cable-Laying Industry
  • Oil, Gas Pipelines
  • Water and Septic Systems
  • Railroad Ballast

  • Top-soil Industry
  • Landscaping
  • Golf Course
  • Construction
  • Landscaping
Energy Sector
  • Peat Shredding
  • Coal Processing
  • Slag and Ash

  • Limestone
  • Bulk Mixing
  • Bulk Handling
  • Bulk Sifting
  • Asphault Grinding
  • Concrete Industry
  • Sands and Salts
  • Animal Bedding

  • Wood Chips
  • Mulch
  • Stump Clearing
  • Soil Organics

The REMU Screener Bucket and the REMU Crew

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