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Modified Trommel

Part One

 The Modified Trommel Process

Our exclusive Modified Trommel System© is a key component to our remediation processes. Our newly patented modifications to existing Trommel systems has allowed us to advance environmental remediation to the next level. This system enhances the regular trommel process for use in the remediation industry. It substantially reduces emissions during remediation of impacted soil as well as reducing the volume of landfilled material.

We are now offering Licensing Opportunities for this system throughout Canada. We welcome "Way-Loe Consulting Ltd." as our most recent licensee.

The modified trommel remediation equipment is equally suited to all regular trommeling jobs, including general screening of materials such as topsoils, composts, rocks and gravels, and organic matter. There would be significant odour reduction when screening composts and organic material.

 The Modified Trommel Process

 The Modified Trommel Process

Benefits of the Modified Trommel Process©

  • Ease of transport, set-up and operation
  • Treats existing or newly excavated material
  • Significant reductions in hydrocarbon vapors and off-site odors
  • Reduction of BTEX, F1, F2 and F3
  • Large reductions in landfill classed material
  • Operates within EUB guidlines( Directive 58 Section 16.1 )
  • Process can operate year round in most weather conditions
  • Highly cost effective( savings up to $25/ton compared to landfilling )
  • Safe and Efficient Process

 The Modified Trommel Process Remediating Impacted Soil

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How it Works
A Technical Report on this Unique Remediation Tactic

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 The first remediated dirt out of our modified trommel system
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